ATV rental

A number of interesting ready-made routs starting at renting point:

1.Chersky Stone

The height of the rock’s stone peak reaches 728.4 meters. It’s is named after Ivan Dementievich Cherskiy, who was a geographer who made a significant contribution to Siberian research. Unlike most of tourists who rises rising to the top on foot or by chairlift, you are to reach it by quadrocycle. The views from the observation platform fascinates with its beauty! White peaks of the Khamar-Daban standing height on tower over the horizon, the Angara river source with Shaman Stone takes almost is visible almost underfoot the feet. There is Port Baikal on the left side behind it, the Angara river with Shaman Stone on the right side, and around kilometers of Baikal horizon all around. (tour time: 15 – 20 minutes);

2. Bear’s glade

In two-minute ride you will get to a meandering path surrounded by forest. The further path would lead you to the taiga sugar loaf mountain where you discover a snug loaf surrounded by magnificent firs trees. Unusual comfortable silence with heady clean air. This trip will definitely become a good memory. (tour time: 30 minutes);

3. Way to the Angara Origin Source

Unforgettable journey! Travel route is very diverse: from the dry forest trails and straight sections of track to the forest glades, with steep ascents and descents along the hills of the taiga. Having reached to the final observation platform you will discover a great view of on the source of the Angara and Baikal port and the adjacent waters merging with the sky that will not leave you indifferent; (tour time: 1 hour).

Price (per equipment unit):

"Chersky Stone" – 1,000 rubles
"Bear’s glade"  - 2,000 rubles
"Way to the Angara"  - 4,000 rubles

ATV rental for 1 hour – 4,000 rubles
ATV rental for 1 day – 15,000 rubles


Important information:
- Only persons who reached the age of 16 are allowed to drive quads
- Persons with under the influence of  alcohol or drugs intoxication are not allowed to drive
- To control is not allowed to face alcohol and drug intoxication
- All the participants are provided with training instructed and sign a safety regulations document on the passing of safety before the trip.
- The route or schedule can be adjusted by instructor of our center, based on the weather conditions, the readiness of the participants and other circumstances factors.