Arshan health resort area


We would like to invite you on a journey through Republic of Buryatia, one of the most beautiful and mysterious places of Syberia – Arshan health resort area. Here, the very Nature with its extraordinarily limpid air, unique plant age, kindly mild climate and beauty of its majestic mountains creates all the necessary conditions for leisure and a positive mood disposition. Majestic Imperial beauty of the Syberian Switzerland, as Arshan is also known as Arshan, brings arises a blessedness and tranquility comfort sensation. Nature has been generous to these lands. A broad vision on Tunka valley – with dead volcano vents, numerous glassy lakes, taiga surrounded by acicular mountain peaks create an incomparable view. But the most precious part of this resort area, of course, constitutes healing springs with mineral water. In translation «Arshan» means - «healing water». Astonishing with its primeval beauty natural monuments sooth the spirit, while thermal springs, placed in Jemchug settlement help to comfort the body. Swimming, especially in winter period, in carbonate thermal spring with +55 degree water temperature will add bright colours to the memories about the travel tour!


Departure from Listvyanka settlement on 06:00 am; Stopover on the southern side of Baykal in the Kultuk settlement (breakfast in a cafe). A bit later we make a stopover on the boundary with the Republic of Buryatia for Buddhistic stupa sightseeing. Than we passage to Arshan health resort area, where we visit Buddhist temple called Hoimor datsan. We will make a walk through mountain gorge of the Kingarga river to the waterfall. On the way there will be a chance to visit source of potable mineral water supply and Mongolian market square with souvenirs and medicinal herbs. Lunch in the Arshan settlement cafe– 15:00 pm; Moving to Jemchug settlement – 16:00 pm; For those interested will be a chance to have a swim in thermal spring. Departure to Listvyanka settlement – 17:00 pm. Dinner in a roadside cafe; Arrival at Listvyanka settlement – 22:00 pm – 23:00 pm.

Recommendations for travelers:

- Dress according to the weather;

- it is necessary to have a comfortable shoes for walking over the waterfall;

- for swimming in thermal spring be sure to bring a towel and swimming gear with you.

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 15 -16 hours;

Total length of travel: 560 km.

3,500 rubles per person
Children from 6 to 14 years old - 3250 rubles
Children under 6 years of age – free

Touristic group size: 8 –18 persons

The price includes:
- transfer service;
- sightseeing;
- thermal spring visiting.