Hamar-Daban warm lakes


These vivid forest lakes, widely known as "Warm", are located on the boundary with the Irkutsk Region and the Buryat Republic, seven kilometers from Baikal, in dense forest at the foot of Hamar-Daban mountain range. In summer water in the lakes warms up to 23-25 degrees. All three lakes are situated close to each other. They are not connected and even water differs in elemental composition. Therefore Dead Lake and Fairytale are considered healing, due to inconspicuous presence of minerals and radon.

Emerald Lake: The largest in area in comparison with others, it is also is the deepest (more than 47 m). Therein you can find such fish as perch, pike, and carp. On Emerald lake shore there is a tourist camp, which is functioning throughout the year. Pedal boat renting available.

Dead Lake: Adjacent, its depth is from 10 to 20 meters, and it is also good for fishing. But curiously enough, it is not fishermen who most commonly visit the Warm Lakes, but swimming enthusiasts enjoying the warm water. Well heated water and colorific enviroment– these are the main factors attracting tourists.

Fairytale Lake: Fairytale Lake is the smallest lake of the three because of its size and depth (only about 2 meters), its coasts are peaty and boggy. There is no fish in this lake, because it’s freezes all the way down intensively cold weather. local landmark – Monomakh Cape cliff is placed near the Faitytale Lake. There is a viewing point on the top of Monomakh Cape, where the magnificent panorama opens up -- all three warm lakes are spread before the eyes, mind-bending Snejnaya river detours, surrounding Hamar-Dabana mountains, and the endless Baikal far off. One more local point of interest – is relict cottonwoods, located in the forest on the way towards the lakes. Girth of their powerful black trunk  is several meters.


Departure from Listvyanka settlement on 06:00; Stop over on the southern side of Baykal in Kultuk settlement (breakfast in a cafe). Arriving to the Sobolinaya mountain ski resort on 10:30 am; Rope-chair elevation to the viewing platform in order to get a bird's-eye view of the Baikal Lake. Then you are to visit the Warm Lakes.  We will go round the remnant cottonwoods and there will take place a walking tour along the lakes as well. Returning, lunch; Free time, leisure and an opportunity to swim for those wish. Departure in return trip. Dinner in a roadside cafe. Arrival at Listvyanka settlement 22:00 - 23:00 pm.

Recommendations for travelers:

- Dress according to the weather

- it is necessary to have comfortable shoes for the walking tour;

- for sunbathing be sure to bring a towel, swimming gear and sunscreen cream with you.

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 16-17 hours;

Total length of travel: 600 km.

4,000 rubles per person
Children from 6 to 14 years old – 3500 rubles
Children under 6 years of age  - free

Touristic group size: 8 -16 persons

The price includes:
- transfer service;
- sightseeing;
- ropeway elevation;
- lunch.