Olkhon Island magic


It is widely thought that: «If you didn’t visit Olkhone you didn’t see Baykal! ». In fact, Olkhon island is a geographic and sacred center of the lake, and if you resort to poetic images, we can say that Baikal is a blue heart of Siberia and Olkhon is the heart of the lake. In Buryat’s myths and legends Olkhon is called the abode of menacing spirits of Baikal and, of course, we will tell you more about this, and if you will not believe, than the locals will bring you many examples confirming these ancient stories. It is Olkhon, where the Shaman Rock (one of the most recognizable symbols of the lake) is located . Here, you will see Izhimei, the sacred mountain is the highest on the island, the rock "Virgin" – that is considered to be petrified wife of Buryat shaman, cliffs of Sagaan-Khushun Cape that look as if  were made of white marble, publicly known as "Three Brothers" and other unique natural monuments. Nature on the island is variegated and picturesque. For photographers and those who adore picturesque views this is a real sanctuary of glorious views. You will remember for a long time the taste of Baikal fish-soup, prepared on fire of a fresh caught arctic cisco, while the impression of the sights will last a lifetime. See it for yourself!


Departure from Listvyanka settlement – 6:00 am; Rest stop in Bayanday settlement – 9:00 am; Stop over on the boundary with Olkhonsky District. Breakfast in a Yelantsy settlement cafe– 10:00 am – 10:30 am; Ferry crossing to Olkhon isl. – 11:30 am; Guided tour starting (UAZ m/v) – 12:00 pm; Olkhon; Khuzhir settlement; Burkhan Cape (the Shamanka, or Shaman's Rock); Kharantsi settlement; Peschanka boundary; Sagaan-Khushun Cape (Three Brothers rock); the most northern point of Olkhon island (Khoboy Cape); Lunch al fresco (arctic cisco fish-soup prepared on fire); Cape Shunte (Rock of Love). Ferry crossing – 19:00 pm; Boarding on bus, return trip – 19:15 pm; Dinner in a roadside cafe. Later arrival at Listvyanka settlement – 23:00 pm – 00:00 am.

The excursion is intended for those, who are tight on time, nevertheless desire to visit Olkhone! You need to overcome about 750 km in a day. Please, pace yourself!

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 17-18 hours;

Total length of travel: 800 km.

4,500 rubles per person
Children from 6 to 14 years old - 4,000 rubles
Children under 6 years of age  - free

Touristic group size: 8 -10 persons or 14-16 persons

The price includes:
-  transfer service within the program;
- Ferry crossing;
- sightseeing;
- Guided tour across the island on UAZ m/v;
- lunch al fresco.