Since ancient times, blacksmithing was considered as one of the most important crafts, as blacksmiths created not only essential items (like weapons and tools), but also the great works of art decorating the interiors of houses and estates, palaces and temples. Blacksmithing developed and improved over time, and created by blacksmiths work becomes more difficult and better. Today forgings are mostly decorative.

In our forge you will learn the traditional hand-forging methods in horseshoes "for good luck” manufacturing, which will take away with them. You will learn many interesting things from the world of blacksmithing, as well as you hear beautiful legends concerning horseshoes for good luck and a secret where to place it at home.

Price per 1 person:
Excursion at the smithery – 500 rubles
Master class on making horseshoes – 1,500 rubles


Prices for souvenirs and custom orders shall be agreed with the master smith.


Minimum group: 2 persons

In summer season smithery works from 10.00 am to 20 pm everyday.