Sandy Bay


Sandy Bay is famous for its beauty natural interest of Baikal. The place which is sun-kissed and warmed the best of the rest coast is called Baikal Riviera. Sunny days here are as much as at the Coast of Black Sea. The beach is covered with sand, its length is 750 meter, and its width is up to 20 meters. Pyramid-shaped rocks Large and Small Kolokolnya stand nearby like the giant guards towering on 80 and 60 meters.  They are sharply cliffing into the lake depths, shielding the Bay from winds and bad weather, making up a microclimate.   You may take a walk from the Sandy Bay to Observation Rock, which rises above the holiday center. Trekking the top is not difficult; at first the path leads to Kedroviy pass and then sharply turns right to the rocks emerging among the forest. In ancient time a man stopped here. There is a breathtaking panoramic view to Babushka Bay at a height of 260 meters. Walking-on-stilts trees are another wonder of the Bay. These trees are magnificent larches and pine-trees.  Water and winds blow out the soil under the trees, growing on the slope of the northern part of Sandy Bay. All this will remain as a miracle memory about your travel.  One can reach this landmark of nature on water or air transport only. The high-qualified captains will make your travel more comfortable and safe. All boats are equipped with lifejackets and meet all safe operation requirements.  


Departure on the high-speed boat from the mooring in Listvyanka settlement moving along the western shore of Baikal Lake. A stop will be taken near the Kadilniy Cape. Further the route runs to Bukhta Peschanaya, on the way you could see unique and picturesque places. Arrival at Baikal Dunes Holiday Center, having a lunch. Departure from the holiday center with sightseeing of: Baklaniy Island, Large and Small Kolokolnya, Babushka Bay. Further we will have a return trip to Listvyanka settlement.

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 6 - 7 hours;

Total length of travel: 160 km.


6,000 rubles per person

Minimum group: 7 persons

The price includes:
- High-speed boat renting;
- Lunch;
- Guiding service.