Serebryanniy klyuch Spring


A brief sightseeing tour let you know the legend of the Shaman Stone and the history of the famous  Circumbaikal Railway (CBRW), visit the Tunnel of tsarist days (bonds was performed by Italian and Albanian builders who used elements of Cyclopean masonry, when the bricks were not worked, but roughly fitted together). You may have a chance of a lifetime to see Baikal seal in its natural habitat during the travel by water surface. You will also visit Serebryanniy Klyuch – the spring of purest water containing particles of silver. You may take water with you. From the opposite bank of Listvyanka settlement you will discover a picturesque view of Baikal. Higher water temperatures and calm-wind conditions will give you everyone a chance to bathe swim anyone who feels like it. On the trip back to the settlement the boat will pass through deep sites of the lake, where the depth reaches up to 1200 meters. You will get unforgettable experiences and emotions from the traveling and visiting Baikal Lake. The high-qualified captains will make your travel comfort and safe. All boats are equipped with lifejackets and meet all safe operation requirements.  


Departure on the high-speed boat from the mooring in Listvyanka settlement to the famous Shaman Stone.  After listening to a short story we are destined for Port Baikal. A stopover at the port is followed. Further comes visiting the Tunnel of Circumbaikal Railway built onduring tsarist days. After this we are to head for 80th km of Circumbaikal Railway (CBRW). The spring of the purest water called Serebryanniy klyuch is located not far from it. Here you will have a possibility to walk and rest and take some water with you. Further we will have a return trip to the mooring in Listvyanka settlement.

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 1,5-2 hours;

Total length of travel: 25 km.


1,500 rubles per person

Minimum group: 5 persons

The price includes:
- high-speed boat renting.