The Shaman stone


The Shaman Stone is a sacred rock in the area around Lake Baikal, in the head of Angara River. In the ancient times people believed that the Shaman Stone possessed miraculous powers. It was here that they prayed and performed shamanic rituals. The legend says that Baikal wanted to marry off his beauty daughter Angara to a young warrior whose name was Irkut. But Angara fell in love with another hero Yenisei and run away to him. Furious Father hurled a huge cliff – Shaman Stone - after his fleeing daughter. Feel the power of this place, touch the legend! 


Departure on the high-speed boat from the mooring from Listvyanka settlement with further moving to the origin source of the Angara. Further the route lies along the famous Shaman Stone. You will have a chance to take commemorative memorable pictures. After listening to a short story legend you will travel back watching a beautiful panoramic view.    

Period: May - September;

Tour time: 30 minutes;

Total length of travel: 12 km.


1,000 rubles per person

Minimum group: 5 persons

The price includes:
- high-speed boat renting;