The Way to the Baikal


Traveling in Siberian taiga across the hills, frozen brooks and forest meadows on dog sleds! You will immerse youself in a completely different world - not an explored path in comfortable and familiar car, but by the Siberian wonder – sled with dogs running fast and barking loudly. After riding for many kilometers of snowy roads, you will reach the Baikal shore and an astonishing panoramic view! You will stay overnight in Russian wooden houses that add Siberian flavor in this trip!


Day 1: Gathering at Tyuryumin manor in Krestovaya Pad, Listvyanka settlement. Briefing, equipping. Departure to taiga on dog sleds. Route starts in plains and goes deeper to Krestovaya Pad. We reach the national park and go over the passage. Next, the route will lead us to the Priyut Starateley resort. Accommodation in houses, lunch. Next, departure to the Baikal shore, moving over the ice. Free time and dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast and coming back. Arrival to Listvyanka settlement at 11.30 am – 12.00 am.

Before February, we go back with the same route, and starting from February – over the Baikal ice.

Period: December – April;

Tour time: 1 day;

Total length of travel: 36 km.

1 person: 18,200 rubles
2 persons: 17,400 rubles
3 persons: 16,700 rubles
4 persons: 15,900 rubles


The price includes: 
- sled rental;
- accompaniment by coaches;
- equipping;  
- accommodation at tourist camp;
- meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
- recreational contributions and payments.

Maximum group: 4 persons
If more, snowmobile or quadricycle accompaniment is required.