A long and unforgettable journey awaits you! You will travel lots of kilometers by snowmobiles over the Baikal ice. On your way to the sacred island of Olkhon, you will visit the jewel of Lake Baikal - Peschanaya Bay, famous for its natural beauty. Olkhon is the largest island of Baikal Lake. Its area is 730 km², residential population is 1668 people. It is separated from the continent by Small Sea and Olkhon’s Gate straits. Russian name Okhon derives from Buryat word “Oikhon” -  “slightly woody”, as the forests take a bit more than one third of the island surface. There is the deepest place of Baikal Lake of 1642 m      in the east of the island. Olkhon Island has only 48 dull days in a year. Myths and legends represent Olkhon as a habitation of awful spirits of Baikal. Olkhon Island is a sacred center of the northern shaman world and even in our days near Shaman’s Rock the ribbons on the trees are playing in the wind – it is a place of spirits worship. From Olkhon point you can’t help but note a snow-white stone Buddhist monument, located right in Baikal waters. It is called the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment. It was constructed on the Ogoy Island not so long ago, but has instantly become one of the attended place of interest.


Day 1: Departure and travel over ice by Hivus hovercraft along the western shore of the Baikal. Stay at Kadilny Cape, then our route goes to Sandy Bay, passing by unique and spectacular locations. Arrival to the Baikalskie Diuny tourist camp (check-in, lunch). Departure from the tourist camp for a local sight-seeing tour (Baklaniy Island, Big Kolokolnya and Small Kolokolnya Cape, Babushka Bay). Next we keep moving along the ice road, arrive to the Sagan-Zaba Cliff where the cave man rock painting remained. We approach the Olkhon Island and enter the Olkhon Gate strait. Dinner and night stay at Hadarta camping hotel.

Day 2: Breakfast. Departure to the trip to the Maloe More islands. Stupa of Enlightenment at the Ogoy Island. Visit of the two main shrines of the Olkhon: Shamanka Rock and Hoboy Cape. Beautiful rocks, ice grottoes.  Hot meal at the island. Return to the tourist camp.

Day 3: Transfer to Irkutsk by automobile transport.

Period: February – April;

Tour time: 3 days;

Total length of travel: 630 km (360 km by hovercraft).

4 person group:
45,000 rubles per person

8 person group:
25,000 rubles per person

Minimum group:  4 persons

The price includes:
- tourist camp accommodation and meals;
- hovercraft rental
- accompaniment by coaches;
- transfer by land transport.