Sandy Bay


Sandy Bay is famous for its beauty natural interest of Baikal. Pyramid-shaped rocks Large and Small Kolokolnya stand nearby like the giant guards towering on 80 and 60 meters.  They are sharply cliffing into the lake depths, shielding the Bay from winds and bad weather. Walking-on-stilts trees are another wonder of the Bay. These trees are magnificent larches and pine-trees.  Water and winds blow out the soil under the trees, growing on the slope of the northern part of Sandy Bay. Travel to Sandy Bay over amazingly beautiful Baikal ice will leave magic memories.


Departure and travel over  the ice by Hivus hovercraft along the western shore of the Baikal. Stay at Kadilny Cape, then our route goes to Sandy Bay, passing by unique and spectacular locations. Arrival to the Baikalskie Diuny tourist camp, lunch. Departure from the tourist camp for sightseeing: Baklaniy Island; Big Kolokolnya and Small Kolokolnya Cape; Babushka Bay; Then we go back to Listvyanka settlement.

Period: February – April;

Tour time: 7-8 hours.

Total length of travel: 160 km.

4 person group:
9,000 rubles per person 

8 person group:
6,000 rubles per person 

Minimum group: 4 persons

The price includes: 
- hovercraft rental;
- lunch;
- accompaniment by coaches.