Down taiga pathways


A small trip by snowmobiles for those who are not afraid of frosty air and snow. On your way, you will meet snowy taiga hills that are especially beautiful in winter, cedar meadows, snowy river beds, animal and bird trails on the snow. While getting over the Chorny Mountain passage, you will feel the power and off-road capacity of snowmobiles. Near the Priyut Starateley resort, you will see the Baikal shore and amazingly transparent and beautiful ice. Experienced coaches will help you to get over the difficulties and make your travel comfortable and safe.


Gathering at the Eastland ski resort, Listvyanka settlement. Briefing, equipping. Departure to taiga by quadricycles. The route starts in mountainous area and goes deeper to Krestovaya Pad. We reach the national park and go over the passage. Next, the route will take us to the Priyut Starateley resort where hot meal will be served. Departure to the Baikal shore, moving over the ice. We will have a short break at the tourist camp and come back!

Before February, we go back with the same route, and starting from February - over the Baikal ice.

Period: December – March;

Tour time: 5 - 6 hours.

Total length of travel: 40 km.

1 person per snowmobile: 15,000 rubles
2 persons per snowmobile: 8,000 rubles (per person)

The price includes: 
- snowmobile rental;
- accompaniment by coaches;
- equipping;
- hot meals;
- recreational contributions and payments.