Southern Baikal


The Khamar-Daban mountain range, one of the most interesting and spectacular areas of East Siberia, is situated along the south-east shore of Lake Baikal. Although looking rough and unapproachable, the mountain range has a lot of unique locations and landmarks available for visiting at its foothills at the Lake Baikal side, along the Snezhnaya River. These are spectacular lakes, Monomakh's Cap mountain, and also nature represented by a mixed forest especially interesting for gigantic relic black poplars. These ancient trees have grown so big that no man can embrace them alone. Sure, those beautiful landmarks of the southern Baikal are worth visiting!

You will get an unforgettable journey with crossing Lake Baikal by snowmobile, and also a traditional Baikal Kiss ritual right in the middle of the lake! On your way back, you will see viaducts and tunnels of the Circum-Baikal Railway, and amazing natural panoramic landscapes.


Day 1: Gathering at the Eastland ski resort, Listvyanka settlement. Briefing, equipping. Departure to taiga and descent to Krestovaya Pad by snowmobiles. We move over ice and cross Lake Baikal to the Eastern shore (in the middle of the Baikal, there will be a short tea break and also a Baikal Kiss ritual). Arrival to the snowmobile park near the Snezhnaya River, transfer by car to the tourist camp at the Khamar-Daban foothill, near the three forest lakes: Skazka, Tyoploye, Izumrudnoe. Accommodation, dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast and walking tour to lakes. Back transfer to the snowmobile park and moving over the ice. Crossing the Baikal by snowmobiles to the Shumikha River, lunch at the Shumikha tourist camp. Next, we again move along the Circum-Baikal Railway, past bridges and tunnels.  When passing the Baikal Dock, we will get near the never-freezing source of the Angara River.

Period: February – March;

Tour time: 2 days;

Total length of travel: 160 km.

1 person per snowmobile: 38,000 rubles
2 persons per snowmobile: 22,000 rubles (per 1 person)

The price includes: 
- accommodation at a tourist camp;
- meals;
- snowmobile rental;
- accompaniment by coaches;
- equipping;
- recreation contributions and payments.