Taiga dwellers


If you have never been to Siberia snowy taiga and have never seen its dwellers, this trip is for you! By your snowmobile, you will ride into the winter taiga forest, with descending and ascending beautiful snowy taiga hills, and then you will reach the aviary with wild animals. On your way, you will see unforgettable landscapes of snowy taiga, bird and animal trails. There is also a good chance to meet forest dwellers in their natural environment. Spectacular photos of the nature and animals will stay in your ‘memories money box’ for many years! Exciting acquaintance will be interesting for both adults and children.


Gathering at the Eastland ski resort, Listvyanka settlement. Briefing, equipping. Departure to the taiga by snowmobiles. The trip starts in a mountainous area with further ascend to the observation spot. From the height of over 700 m an amazing panoramic view can be seen: source of the Angara River, snowy hills of Siberian taiga that are especially beautiful in winter. Then our path goes to the taiga river valley. Arrival to the camp. Walking tour in the aviary accompanied by a forester where you will surely better get to know wild animals and make photos of hogs, elks, wild goats and yaks. Next, guests get hot meal. After a short break, you will have a travel back which is no less interesting.

Period: December – March;

Tour time: 5 - 6 hours;

Total length of travel: 50 km.

1 person per snowmobile: 22,000 rubles
2 persons per snowmobile: 12,000 rubles (per person)

Minimum group – 2 snowmobiles.

The price includes:
- snowmobile rental;
- accompaniment by coaches;
- equipping;
- hot meals;
- a visit to the aviary;
- recreational contributions and payments.